Friday, December 7, 2012

a VERY long blog update

Hi blog, I missed you :)

What's new since my last blog post (September)?
  1. Driving Lessons
  2. New hair
  3. Birthday
  4. Job Hunting
  5. Graduation
  6. Halloween Parties
  7. Boracay
  8. More job hunting x Getting a job
  9. Getting free tickets to a rave
  10. Joining the Guinness Book of World Record a.k.a. Model for a day 
  11. Requirements, requirements....
Yes I know, I am 22 and I still don't know how to drive. It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that this is the only time I'm free and stuff (daw) lol. Had 10 hours of (manual) driving lessons which I think in my opinion is just a short time..hence my lack of confidence driving. =// But getting the non-pro license is another thing...that's where I'm really lazy. heehee. But definitely gonna get it before my student permit expires (Y)  
Got a free hair makeover from my friend who is working in MEG (magazine). The day she pm'ed me on Facebook was also the day that I was searching for hair pegs. Let's just say that it was really meant to be. The thing with this free hair makeover was that she would be featuring me in the December-January issue of MEG (which is btw OUT NOW, so grab a copy!) and the hairstyle she wants me to have is the Side Shave/Undercut look. At first I kind of hesitated with this side shave deal thing. I looked for pictures of girls who have it and opinions of people regarding that and after a few hours, I agreed in doing it because 1. It's just hair, it will grow back and 2: YOLO (no, just kidding lol), I kind of got interested with the look after researching about it. So, after a week or 2 (day before my birthday) I met up with her in Shang then went to the salon (Creations) in Ortigas. So I got my hair dyed to a light brown color first and then the buzzing begins..of course I got scared, I told the guy to cut it first and see if a 4 would fit first, then cut to a 3 then so on. And guess what, I dig it. lol. It's 'breezy' haha. Other girls should try it too some time..take the risk. The only thing with this hair that "bothers" me is that people would really stare at you and you can't do anything about it...but it's cool, it shows that you stand out from the crowd *thumbs up* 
My 22nd isn't really that awesome. Although I can say it's better than last year I guess? lol. Despite the fact that the boyfriend FORGOT my birthday, it's a good thing I had a good company (friend and sister) during my 'birthday salubong'..and not to mention I got fucked up *thumbs up*...okay fine, this year is way better than last year, in terms of drunkenness hahaha. Then the following day, the whole fam just ate in Bentoya. Chill lang. =)
HBD to me :)
In my case, I've been bumming around since August. So basically, what I do is just I just send my resume to companies that post in Jobstreet. I practically sent about like 15 that time and I only got a call/text from 2 companies (actually I had some others but didn't really mind going to, those are the ones that just found my name from the DLSU alumni list or something). One is from a telecommunication network and the other is a music school. The interview for both were alright. The interview with the telecommunication one was serious-y wherein I applied as HR assistant, so it's really administrative while on the other hand, the music school needed someone for the position of 'Dance Instructor' (yes, music school with dancing) which I really wanted during that time since it's both a Work and Play type of career. I didn't get the work in the telecommunication field whilethe other one is actually still pending (but I'm not really relying on it anymore), I passed the 2 interviews and they just needed to assess my dancing skills. It sucked coz the day they texted me for the assessment was also the day I was going to Boracay (not meant to be)
October not Friday the 13th.
..Graduation it is. At last. The moment I had been waiting for since last was pretty boring I reckon. We're 1200 that graduated and our college (College of Liberal Arts) was the first to receive their 'diplomas' on stage. So imagine waiting for the rest (6 more colleges with hundreds of students in it)...I basically slept through it hahaha. I woke up actually just in time for the Alumni Card pledge thing and the singing of Alma Matter. Awesomeeeeeee. That's just about it regarding graduation. lol. Oh and since my phone wasn't with me that time, I didn't know how to find the parentals. lol. I swear I had been looking for them for like an hour, see how technology is really important these days??

Oh hai

Last year, the only dress up for Halloween I had was the CREAM ball where me and Adrian got matching Cholo/Chola look. This year, we had 2 (supposed to be 3) dress up days. First one was the Halloween party with the group (BFSDC) which is extra early (October 20). It wasn't your normal halloween costume party since we had assigned costumes for everyone...well more of randomized costumes where people would pick a number from 1-20 and it corresponds to a certain character/costume. I got Avatar (not the air bender -_-) and my sister was really excited to do my make up for it. Career lvl 100 for effort. lol.
not so whole body..
love what my sister did <3 td="td">

...the other halloween costume thing was halloween day itself. We decided to dress up and just enjoy that day. It wasn't as career as the other halloween costume day but it was definitely fun =)'s my 2nd halloween look:
Dia de los muertos (I wasnt naked btw)
Here's a pic of the halloween crew 2012:
Ate Erin (de los muerto), Jerome (Finn the Human), JP (school boy), Keni (Japanese School girl), Krystel ( supposed to be another de los muerto), Ralph (Sexy pumpkin boy), Ate Elise (Jane from Daria), Denise (Cheerleader), RJ (skwatter) and then there's me

Definitely a memorable Halloween! We went home around 6:00am already from the Karaoke place.

Finally..after 16 years! Spent 4 days in Boracay..just me, Adrian, Danna and Rap. It's not super WOW as I expected it to be, maybe because we're just 4 that went there..but I can say the sand is wow. lol. I'd go back there with a group for sure.
We took the plane going there..6am plane ride (excited much?) then arrived Caticlan around 7 or 8-ish...take note: our checktime was around much for strolling around bora. So to summarize our trip..we just literally woke up LATE, hotel room > beach/tanning/swimming, drink at night...then repeat the next day. *thumbs up* ..We took a ferry going home (viz 2GO) it's alright, kind of dizzy but if you're on a budget then it will do. haha
Boat transfer..on the way to the island
Day off picture. LOL

Boracay Pub Crawl! Look it up on Google
After the Bora trip, decided to look again for jobs since I got really broke after that trip. -_- submitted again through Jobstreet and good thing this certain big company texted me for an interview. I really love the HR who interviewed me, she was bubbly and energetic like me. I eventually passed the 1st and 2nd interview and was scheduled for a 3rd interview the following week. Thennnnnnn...when I got home, another job opportunity from a retail store that I lurveeee called me, of course I couldn't say no so I got scheduled for an interview 2 days after. I also passed the initial and 2nd interview of that company and was scheduled again for another interview the following week, same as the big corporation. The 3rd interview for the retail company went 85% sure already so I waited for the other interview which was 50-50 since they found out I had a pending application. Oh well. The 4th time I returned to the retail company was when they told me that I got the job and gave me the list of pre-employment requirements...meaning it's really not meant to be for the other company lol. Anyway, I'm excited for next year :) 
Have you experienced those semi-spam emails wherein they tell you that you could win this and that if you do I tried my luck with Winston's Exception Music Festival ticket giveaway (just for fun)..All I had to do was reply to the email they sent me (like literally press reply and send and *voila* you have an entry already) then after a couple of days before the event, they sent me an email saying I won 2 free tickets for it. Yayy! Lucky! :) Got all excited an asked friends to come with me...Good thing JP got HELLA free tickets as well coz of his Student Jock thing for Mellow was around 15 tickets all in all, including 3 VIP ones. haha. Awesome. *thumbs up* ...the rave was sickkk. A lot of international DJ's played and there were also local ones. I just wish they send more DJ's and make more events like this..not just an underground thing but like those that are comparable to EDC, Tomorrowland, Future Music Fest, HARD..etc.
Free tickets eh?
Still BT
*sings* "I'm feelin it, feelin it" --Angela McCluskey
There was a day where JP messaged me on Facebook asking me to vote for his picture on this site...and being a good friend of him, I voted for it. I got curious about that and what he's gonna join in so I researched about it and found out that the Philippines is aiming to beat the world record for most models on a runway or I asked JP how to join and basically, you just have to send them your picture and have people vote for it. They were choosing 10 people (with the most votes) per day as qualifiers of the show. Then again, "just for fun" I joined and sent a picture. Days before the show, I found out that I'm part of it already and was super happy about it. I asked my Guatemalan 'sister' to join the show but she didn't make the cut, although good thing the event was still looking for 500 models. So to summarize the whole event, we waited under the sun for details on what's gonna happen then got ready in the bathroom and eventually started the show around 6-ish. Hot to walk the runway around 8 already I think. Good thing my good friend Melisse was there, we were also assigned to the same brand (Edgar Allan)..we also made new friends from there as well. It was an awesome experience that I think would just end there. hahaha. I realized it's hard being a the waiting time and shit..hassle lang =/ but I'm thankful and blessed to experience something like this at least once in my life. Yayy! =)
With Edgar Allan co-models (before getting ready)
Melisse <3 nbsp="nbsp" td="td">
with Pre :)
Fellow DLSU-mates :)
with co-models after prepping up, before walking the runway
 I mentioned something about pre-employment requirements earlier right? ...that's actually what I've been doing for this whole week...and I just got done today. Hooray to me and the person helping me with this. =)
I knew beforehand that it would be a HASSLE to be employed, especially if it's your first time due to the requirements needed..and it is true. You have to undergo medical exams and shit. Plus if you're like me who just got an SSS and TIN number...then yeah more hassle stuff. *thumbs up* ...anyway, I'm actually learning from this soooo it's all good. Now I know where and what to do in city halls hahahahahaha. =D 
I'll be done with all of my requirements by Tuesday (12-11) and possibly pass it the same day too..or the next day; even though I start work in January pa. Exciteddddddddd. =)

......the rest of my days were spent bumming around the house, sleeping late, waking up early, going to BF, drinking with friends at home, eating, and most especially using the net. Super BUM mode. Wait til next year...gonna be busy already. Both yay and nay. 

..Until the next update ;)

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